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I'm Philip Junk, a 28-year old designer based in Munich.

I love being outdoors, collecting mushrooms, going for hikes, travelling the world and cooking. Although this may be nice, it's probably not the reason, that brought you here. (If so, you can follow me on Instagram)

In my work as an artist and designer, I am specialised in mainly two things:

Art and Illustration

Coming from graffiti, I'm curious about the dialogue between the public and the artwork. I like to communicate in a clear and bold way. At the same time, I'm trying to avoid being all too obvious and blunt - the balance between those two extremes is what defines a good artwork or illustration.

Exhibiting and Curating

For the last seven years, I have been organising and curating exhibitions within art fairs, off-locations and public spaces. Reaching out to the viewer, making things comprehensible and transmitting one's own passion for a cause to someone else is what fascinates me about this craft.

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