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Dein Viertel. Deine Leinwand.

Client: david+martin, Red Bull

Function: Production


Dein Viertel. Deine Leinwand. was a 4-week long project in Munich's Gärtnerplatz-quarter. The project's aim was to initiate an event which allows the local shops and artists to connect, exhibit and prosper all together. Initially coming from the creative agency david+martin, the project was instantly backed by Red Bull. In order to connect with local artists, to perform actions in public space and to curate exhibitions, the agency took Marco Schwalbe, CEO and founder of STROKE Art Fair, and me on board. Over the course of one month, we set up about a dozen of public actions and interventions, organised about 30 indoor and outdoor exhibitions and brought back life into a heavily gentrified area.

(work by Toni Spyra)

(works by Toni Spyra)

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