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Gleis3 is a youth center based in Neubiberg, a suburb of Munich. They asked me to repaint their facade in order to make them more visible to the public. The center lies at an interesting spot: it's directly at the train station and is clearly visible for all those, who pass by via train. Also, it's at the town's main street and was located (at the time of the comissioned job) between the town's center and a refugee camp. During that time a lot of insecurities and fears spooked the people of Neubiberg, regarding the recently opened refugee camp. The youth center Gleis3 in contrast, stands for an open dialog and an open society in general, therefore the facade's appearnce should communicate two things:

1) Hi, we are Gleis3

2) We stand for an open and pluralist society

The design consits of two elements, the clearly readable typography (even from a passing train) and a bunch of flyers falling down. In Munich, flyers are a symbol of protest for a just cause and a symbol of uprising against facist ideology, since the siblings Scholl had been killed by Hitler's regime for spreading anti governmental flyers in their university. They have become a symbol of pluralism and so have their flyers.

PS: Thanks Daniel for the awesome photos!

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