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Natural Design

Over the course of one semester, we - a group of 15 students - explored the ways in which we interact with nature in our daily lives. In order to get a different view on our chosen topics, SPACE10 supported us with their creative input.

For our university's annual exhibition, we decided to use the room not exclusively as a place to show our projects, but also as a possibility to talk to the visitors about topics, that we tackled.

A small area paved with lawn served as a resting area for exhausted visitors, whereas the rest of the room demanded an interaction with us or our projects. Meal worms had to be eaten, plastic needed to get shredded and different sorts of mint could be sampled. For more info about all of our projects check out our website!

As a special eye candy, we built small green houses and cultivated a typography made of cress in our room's ceiling.

Participating students:

Pauline Alt, Maria Bermudez, Fynn Eckstein, Katharina Elleke, Sophie Engert, Manuel Erhard, Fabian Essigkrug, Christopher Gros, Jessica May, Julien Hoffmann, Yasin Ittlinger, Regina Schröter, Emily Strowitzki, Tobias Trübenbacher and me


Ralph Ammer

Supported by:


our exhibition getting doggo - approved

presenting my project

exhibition time!

planting our typography

project by Tobias

project by Christopher

project by Manuel

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