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Bellevue-Möbel is an ongoing project, aiming to support Bellevue di Monaco, a local association that helps young refugees and draws attention to the issues and problems they are facing.

Since this association is opening a info-café and meeting point in Munich's city centre, they need furniture. And since they put a lot of sweat and blood into the remodeling of the 50s-building, it can't just be any furniture. It needs to be adaptable to a variety of situations within the room, needs to match all the gastronomic requirements and has to look pleasing and inviting. Over the course of one semester we developped a chair and a table, that fit perfectly into Bellevue di Monacos' info-café and serve a second important purpose: the furniture is designed to be personalised by refugees. In small workshop groups, chair and table will be customised via sand blasting and different printing techniques.

Fortunately, a furniture producer joined us and chair and table will be available in retail within the next couple of months. Stay tuned!

Involved in the project are:

Prof. Florian Petri, Fakultät für Design / Hochschule München

Matthias Marschner, Hirner und Riehl Architekten, München

Michael Geldmacher, Studio Michael Geldmacher, München

Maurus Reisenthel, Art Director, GOIN GmbH, Landshut

Fellow Students:

Aylin Patterson Aykent, Johanna Amann, Benjamin Bohnhorst, Julia Färbert, Alena Gall, Johannes Hoffmann, Anja König, Katrin Lehmann, Carina Sabbagh, Andreas Siegfried, Johannes Straka,  Carolin Kunert, Julia Strobl, Marika Tiikkainen  

Final prototypes

Documentation of our process

Presentation at Bellevue di Monaco

Final product for serial production

Exhibiting at State of Design, Berlin

Exhibiting at IMM Cologne

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