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Viertelquartier at ArtMUC

In early 2017, Red Bull approached me in order to continue the project Dein Viertel. Deine Leinwand. in a new context. Instead of Munichs' Gärtnerplatzviertel, the art fair ArtMUC became our setting and instead of the streets, we were given a seperate space within the art fair as an exhibition area. Therefore, my job was to stage the room in a way, that doesn't exculde it from the art fair's vibe, but rather creates an environment, that transports the project's original setting and allows several chosen artists to exhibit and sell their work. A cozy corner with couches and nicely picked art books invited the visitors to stop, read and watch Rafa Moreno Tapia paint. A bar and a small stage did the rest to bring music, art and people together in one room.

Exhibiting artists were:

Rafa Moreno Tapia

Fabian Gatermann

Jasmin Hermann

Sven Biller aka Molusk

first scale model

live concert

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