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Viertelquartier at STROKE

experimental photo workshop with Silvie Tillard

In order to mix things up a little, STROKE Art Fair and Red Bull had the idea to create a space within the art fair, where people are able to get active and join the artists.

They gave me the task to curate, organize and support a program of different workshops, that allows the visitors to apply as well as understand different techniques. I decided to offer a rather broad range of workshops, that represent the diversity of the emerging art fair. Because who needs an other watercolor workshop?

In a total of 12 workshops, people were able to build papertoys, learn the perks of calligraffiti or experiment with different lenses, magnifying glasses and their smart phones' camera.

Participating artists were:

Marko Zubak

Jan Koke

Patrick Hartl

Creepy Mouse

Silvie Tillard

building papertoys with Marko Zubak

calligraffiti writing with Jan Koke, Patrick Hartl and Creepy Mouse

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