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Architectural Intervention by Clemens Behr

Photo by Daniel Lamas Cornejo_Project by MUCA and SWM_5.jpg

Photo by Daniel Lamas Cornejo, © MUCA

Client: Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA)

Function: Project Manager

Artist: Clemens Behr


The Berlin based installation artist Clemens Behr mainly uses construction materials, which he arranges to collage-like installations. His large scale installation impress with their mixture of materials and the architectural transition within their environment. It’s right this interaction with the surrounding that’s remarkable about his works and it showed once more at this installation on the area of the former bus station at Olympiapark, which Clemens Behr installed together with the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA).

The former bus stop’s architecture was the starting point for Clemens Behrs inspiration and process. The former roofs along with the dark grey pillars are showcased as rearranged versions of their original state. At first glance, it’s unclear whether the objects are being built up or down. Hence the installation refers to a state of transition and highlights the bright band of the roof’s Attica. The single forms merge and dissolve when walking through the area, so that every angle opens up a new perspective upon the installation and the area’s state of transition.

The artwork was on display between June and September 2022.

Photo by Clemens Behr, © MUCA

Photo by Daniel Lamas Cornejo, © MUCA

Photo by Daniel Lamas Cornejo, © MUCA

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