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KL2_Mural_LucaLedda_Final_3124 (1).jpg

Artwork by Luca Ledda, © MUCA

Client: Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA)

Function: Project Manager and Co-Curator, Construction Management

2019 – 2023

In early 2019, MUCA applied for Munich’s biggest interim project so far - the former ministry of health in Dachauer Straße. With roughly 12.000sqm on six levels and 6.800sqm outdoor area, the former ministry of health offered space for a variety of different concepts. In a multi-level process, the city decided for MUCA as a reliable und skilled partner.

After vast renovation works, the exhibition space „KUNSTLABOR 2“ opened in October 2021 alongside with a restaurant, 40 studios, office spaces, event areas, workshop areas, spaces for NGOs and offices for creative agencies. Pursuing this vision in a heavily gentrified city, we managed to turn the run-down former administration building into a creative hub for Munich’s cultural scene within seven months.

KUNSTLABOR 2 is a unique exhibition in which artists work with the space itself, rather than showing previously made works. So far, over 100 artists turned two of the six stories into individual spatial experiments, inviting the visitors onto a trip through their artistic language. The exhibition is accompanied by guided tours, film screenings, artist talks, workshops for kids and adults, as well as performances.

Artwork by Octavi Serra, © MUCA


Artwork by Miriam Frank, © MUCA

Artwork by Rocco und seine Brüder, © MUCA

Artwork by Merlin Reichart, © MUCA

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